Smart coffee table BROMIUS - Glossy Pearl

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Smart coffee table BROMIUS - Glossy Pearl

  • 2 refrigerated storage places (3-8° C & 6-12° C)
  • 2 power outlets of 220V
  • Wireless charger of 15W
  • BlueTooth Speaker (soundbar)
  • Fast charging of devices
  • Ambient blue light

The 135 liter refrigerator can store soft drinks, snacks, fruit, etc.

Fast charging have 3 types of charging methods:

  1. Wireless 15 W on top
  2. Charging devices via classic USB
  3. Charging devices via USB Type C

The 220V power supply has 2 of 220V sockets (the rated power should be less than 2000W) and allows you to connect the boiler, coffee maker, projector, laptop, game console, etc.

BlueTooth Speaker SOUNDBAR with2 speakers of 4.0 inch and 20Wx2 speakers that give off a clear and loud sound.

The Display Area is divided into two parts, the control area of the refrigerator containing the following:

  • LEFT(temperature)
  • RIGHT(temperature)
  • Display
  • Refri Unlock

The operating area of the multimedia system contains:

  • Music Mute
  • Last song
  • Volume Down,
  • Volume Up
  • Next Song
  • Play/Stop.

To start these systems, hold down the Play / Stop and Refri Unlock buttons for 3 seconds, respectively.

Wireless Charger, the universal fast wireless charger set on the unit table supports the Qi charging standard and can be used separatly 

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