Terms and conditions


SC URLOI DISTRIBUTION SRL (hereinafter referred to as "Bromius.ro", "site", "noi" or similar) is a Romanian company, based in Braila, registered at the Trade Register under number J9 / 87/2020, fiscal code RO42182412 , email suport@bromius.ro.

Site - Site will mean the domain www.bromius.ro, its subdomains and the entire content of the domain or subdomains.


SC URLOI DISTRIBUTION S.R.L. is based in Str. Hippodrome 28, block A25, staircase 2, ap37 in Braila locality, Braila county.

Email: suport@bromius.ro

Trade Register J9 / 87/2020

CUI: RO42182412




By content, for the purposes of these terms and conditions, the following shall be understood:

• Any of the information on the SITE that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed by using digital equipment;

• the content of any e-mail sent, by Bromius.ro, to its CUSTOMERS by electronic means and / or any other available means of communication;

• any information transmitted by any means, by an employee of Bromius.ro to any of the CLIENTS of the Site, according to the contact information, specified or not by them;

• information related to the products, services and / or tariffs practiced by Bromius.ro in a certain period;

• information related to the products, services and / or tariffs practiced by a third party with which Bromius.ro has concluded partnership contracts, in a certain period;

• data regarding Bromius.ro, or other privileged data thereof.

CAMPAIGN - the action of exhibiting for commercial purposes, exclusively electronically and only through the site, a finite number of products with a limited and predefined stock, for a limited period of time established by Pagotto.ro.

SERVICE - e-commerce service, in the sense of giving the CUSTOMER the possibility to contract products and / or services using exclusively electronic means.

MEMBER - The natural person who obtains access to the CONTENT, through any means of communication provided by Bromius.ro (electronic, telephone, etc.), based on an existing use agreement between Bromius.ro and it and which requires the creation and use an ACCOUNT.

ACCOUNT - the set consisting of an e-mail address and a password that allow a single MEMBER access to restricted areas of the SITE through which access to the SERVICE / contracting is made.

CLIENT - The natural person who has the quality of Bromius.ro MEMBER and / or the person who has placed at least one order on the site.

DOCUMENT - these Terms and Conditions

REMOTE CONTRACT - according to the definition contained in O.G. 34/2014 any contract concluded between the professional and the consumer within an organized distance sales or service provision system, without the simultaneous physical presence of the professional and the consumer, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication, until and including the time the contract is concluded;

NEWSLETTER / ALERT - the means of periodic information, exclusively electronic, respectively electronic mail (e-mail, SMS), on the products, services and / or promotions carried out by Bromius.ro in a certain period, without any commitment from Bromius .ro with reference to the information contained therein.

TRANSACTION - collection or reimbursement of an amount resulting from the sale or promise to sell a product / service by Bromius.ro to the Customer, by using the services of the card processor agreed by Bromius.ro, regardless of the delivery method;


The entire content of the Bromius.ro site - images, texts, graphics, symbols, graphics, scripts, programs and other data - is the property of Bromius.ro and its suppliers and is protected by copyright law and laws intellectual and industrial property. The use without the consent of Bromius.ro of any of the elements listed above is punished according to the laws in force.

The Member or the Client may copy, transfer and / or use content only for personal or non-commercial purposes, only if they do not conflict with the terms and conditions of the site.

No content transmitted to the Member or Client, by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by him by accessing, visiting and / or viewing constitutes a contractual obligation on the part of Bromius.ro and / or the employee of Bromius.ro which mediated the transfer of content, if any, to that content.

Any use of the Content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by the document or the accompanying use agreement, if any, is prohibited.

For any notification related to copyright, please contact us at: suport@bromius.ro


Bromius.ro publishes on the site, the identification and contact data, updated to inform the Clients or Members.

By using the contact form or the service present on the site, the Member or the Client allows Bromius.ro to contact him by any available means, including electronic means, respectively electronic mail (e-mail, SMS).

The partial or complete completion of the contact form and its sending does not represent in any way a commitment on the part of Bromius.ro to contact the Member or the Client.

Bromius.ro reserves the right not to respond to requests of any kind, which are not related to the products / services present on the site or to a contract concluded with a Member or Customer, received by any means of communication (electronic, telephone call, SMS , etc).



When the Member or the Client creates an Account on the Site, accepts the Document (Terms and Conditions) and ticks the option to Subscribe to the Newsletter or SMS Alert, it will be considered that he has expressed his agreement regarding the receipt of newsletters and / or or alerts from Bromius.ro, sent by e-mail (e-mail). The option regarding the agreement issued by the Client or Member, can be modified at any time, in compliance with the provisions of art. 5.3.

The data taken from a Member or Client, for the purpose of sending newsletters and / or alerts, can and will be used by Bromius.ro within the limits of the Privacy Policy.

The waiver of the receipt of newsletters and / or alerts by the Member or Client can be made at any time by the request sent to Bromius.ro, by the Member or Client belonging to the Member or Client account where the modification / update is operated;

Law no. 506 of 2004, on the implementation of the ePrivacy Directive in Romania allows companies such as Bromius.ro, which have customers who have purchased products or services to send these customers commercial communications similar to those they have already purchased. In that case it is not necessary the CUSTOMER's consent, but the mention of the client's right to object to the sending of these commercial communications.

Waiver of receipt of newsletters and / or alerts does not imply waiver of acceptance of the Terms and Conditions document.



This Policy sets out the Bromius.ro policy regarding:

1. Processing (including the collection, storage, use, disclosure of information and transfer) of personal data of Customers and Members;

2. Requirements for obtaining the consent of the data subjects.

3. The policy defines how personal data should be processed (as defined below) and sets out additional requirements for the processing of special categories of personal data (eg sensitive data - also defined below). ).

Fundamental definitions

What is personal data?

Personal data includes any information through which a person can be identified, directly or indirectly, for example: name, email and other contact information, function, results of psychometric tests, managerial information. It can also include data that is more difficult to assign to a person, such as an identification code, IP address, or an online identifier (username, nick, etc.).

What are the special categories of data?

"Special categories of data" are personal data relating to any of the following types of data: racial and ethnic origin; Political Views; religious, philosophical or similar beliefs; union membership; mental or physical health; genetic data; biometric data used to uniquely identify a natural person (including pictures used to identify); life or sexual orientation; offenses (actual or alleged) or litigation for any offense. Romania also has special rules for processing unique national identifiers (personal numerical code). (For clarity, "special categories of data" were formerly known as, and are sometimes referred to as "sensitive personal data".)

What is processing?

"Processing" has a very broad meaning, and includes almost any activity that involves, in any way, personal data, including obtaining, viewing, recording, storing and disclosing such data.

What is a target person?

For the purpose of this Policy, a "data subject" is a living person about whom BROMIUS processes personal data. All data subjects have rights over their personal data.

What is consent?

The "consent" of a data subject means any freely given, specific, informed and clear indication of the data subject's wish by which he or she consents to the processing of personal data. This can be provided by a statement given by the data subject, or by a tick or opt-in solution. In particular, consent cannot be implied by actions or behaviors. You can read more about the consent of the persons concerned in section 9.

Bromius.ro collects personal data on the pages of its Sites, only with the voluntary consent of the Member or the Client, for the following purposes:

• validation, shipping and invoicing of orders to it;

• resolving cancellations or problems of any kind related to an order or a contract, to the services or products purchased by it;

• to ensure his access to the service;

• sending newsletters and / or periodic alerts, by using e-mail (e-mail, SMS) and / or by phone call;

• contacting him, at his voluntary request;

• contacting him, in matters of Customer Relations;

By creating the Account, each Member or Client has expressed his consent for Bromius.ro to collect and manage his personal data, under the conditions and in compliance with the provisions of Law 677/2001.

Any Member or Client has the right to obtain from Bromius.ro, through a written request, signed and dated, free of charge:

1. confirmation that the data concerning him are or are not processed by him

2. where appropriate, rectification, updating, blocking or deletion of data the processing of which does not comply with the law, in particular incomplete or inaccurate data;

3. as the case may be, the transformation into anonymous data of the data whose processing is not in accordance with the law;

4. the notification to the third parties to whom the data of any operation performed according to let. b) or c), if this notification does not prove impossible or does not involve a disproportionate effort towards the legitimate interest that could be harmed.

By virtue of the voluntary registration on the Bromius.ro website or of accessing (ordering) the BROMIUS.ro products / services, the Member or the Client agrees with (gives his consent for) the processing of personal data by Bromius.ro in his own system computer science, both manually and automatically, for the purposes stated in point 6.1, in accordance with art. 5 paragraph 1 of Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection and processing of personal data. If the Member or the Client does not agree with the processing of his personal data by Bromius.ro, he has the right not to use the website and not to provide Bromius.ro with personal data.

Any Member or Client has the right to oppose at any time, for well-founded and legitimate reasons related to his particular situation, by sending to Bromius.ro a request in writing, dated and signed as data aimed at it to be the subject processing, unless there are contrary legal provisions. In case of justified opposition, the processing can no longer target the data in question.

Any Member or Client has the right to object at any time, free of charge and without any justification by sending to Bromius.ro a written request, dated and signed, that the data concerning it be processed for the purpose direct marketing, on behalf of the operator or a third party, or be disclosed to third parties for such purpose.

The customer has the right to object to the collection of his personal data and to request their deletion, thus revoking his consent for the document, and thus waiving any implied rights specified therein and without any subsequent obligation of any party to the other or without so that either party can claim damages from the other.

For the exercise of the rights according to art. 6.2, the Client or the Member will address Bromius.ro, by any means of written communication.

If the Customer opts for online payment of the value of the orders, VISA and MasterCard cards, issued by banking institutions, are accepted, provided that the issuing banks have activated them for online payment.

Bromius.ro does not request and does not store any information regarding the Client's bank card or cards, these being processed directly on the servers of the online payment service provider.

The Bromius.ro privacy policy refers only to the data provided voluntarily by the Client or Member exclusively on the site. Bromius.ro is not responsible for the privacy policy practiced by any other third party that can be reached through links, regardless of their nature, outside the site.

Bromius.ro undertakes that the data collected by the Client / Member will be used only in accordance with the declared purposes and not to make public, sell, rent, license, transfer, etc. the database containing information regarding the personal or special data of the Member / Client of any third party not involved in the fulfillment of the declared purposes.

Exception from the provisions of art. 6.7 will make the situation in which the transfer / access / visualization / etc is requested by the competent bodies in the cases provided by the regulations in force at the date of the event.

The bank card processor (s) approved by Bromius.ro has the right to access / view any type of data / documents, generated following an issued order, canceled orders, contract, canceled contract or a contract honored to investigate any Transaction, if any.

Bromius.ro guarantees that the personal data of a client / user / member, collected through the contact form, will be used only until the solution of the problem communicated by him, after which they will become exclusively statistical data.

Bromius.ro is not responsible for defects that may endanger the security of the server on which the database containing this personal data is hosted.



Access to work

• Access to the service is allowed to any Member who owns or creates an Account. The Client Account is created automatically at the moment of completing the order, The Cancellation of the Created Account can be made at any time by the request sent to Pagotto.ro, by the Client belonging to the account where the modification / update is operated;

• In order to be allowed access to the service, the Client will have to accept the Terms and Conditions governing the legal relationship between Bromius.ro and the client / member.

• Bromius.ro reserves the right to restrict or exclude the Client's access to the Service, and / or to some of the accepted payment methods and to delete or restrict his Account, within the limits of the law, if he considers that based on his conduct of the Client's activity on the site, the access and the existence of his Account could prejudice or prejudice in any way Bromius.ro. The client can address, in writing, the Client Relations Department of the company, in order to be informed about the reasons that led to the application of the mentioned measures.

• Each Member can have only one Account. It is forbidden to share an Account between several Members / Clients.

Products, services and prices

• Bromius.ro may publish on the site information about products, services and / or promotions practiced by it or by any other third party with which Bromius.ro has concluded partnership contracts, within a certain period and within the available stock.

• The products and / or services purchased through the service are intended exclusively for the personal use of the Client.

• Bromius.ro may limit to one or more Clients, the capacity to purchase some products or services available on the site at a given time, under the conditions of art. 7.1.

• All tariffs related to the products or services presented on the site are expressed in lei (RON) and include VAT.

• The invoicing of the purchased products will be issued exclusively in LEI. If the payment is made by bank card, Bromius.ro will debit the Customer's current account with the amounts representing the value of the ordered products, after sending the order confirmation to the latter.

• In the case of online payments, Bromius.ro is not / cannot be held responsible for any other additional costs borne by the Customer, including but not limited to currency conversion fees applied by the issuing bank of its card, if the currency of Its issuance differs from the national currency. The responsibility for this action is borne only by the Client.

• All the information used to describe the products and / or services available on the site (static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations / etc.) do not represent a contractual obligation on the part of Bromius.ro, these being used exclusively as a presentation.

• In the description of the products and / or services, Bromius.ro reserves the right to use other products (accessories / etc.) that may not be included in the costs of the respective products.

Despite BROMIUS 'efforts, given the large number of products on the site, some products may have incorrect prices, be displayed incorrectly or may represent human error. In these conditions, the price accepted by Bromius.ro after generating the invoice is always considered as the final price. Exception making the situation in which, following a conversation with the Client, another resolution is reached. For any such problem, Bromius.ro will notify the Client through any of the contact methods provided by him.

Availability is displayed in real time. Availability may change at any time during order processing.

Online order

• The customer can place an order on the Bromius.ro website without the need to create an account.

• The customer can place orders for products sold at a given time, exclusively on the site, by adding the desired product / products in the shopping cart, and will complete the order by making payment in one of the ways expressly indicated. Once added to the shopping cart, a product is available for purchase as long as it is in stock. Adding a product to the shopping cart, in the absence of completing the order, does not entail the automatic reservation of that product.

• By completing the order, the Customer agrees that all data provided by him, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true at the time of placing the order, named in this document and the order issued.

• By completing the order, the Customer agrees that Bromius.ro may contact him, by any means available / agreed by Bromius.ro and provided in this Document, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the Customer.

• Bromius.ro may unilaterally terminate the order placed by the Customer, following a prior notification addressed to the Customer, without any subsequent obligation of any party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other in the following cases:

- non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Client's card, of the transaction, in case of online payments;

- invalidation of the transaction by the card processor approved by Bromius.ro, in case of online payment;

- the data provided by the Client on the site are incomplete or incorrect;

- the Client's activity on the site may and / or causes damages of any nature, or prejudices in any way Bromius.ro and / or its partners;

- performing more than one consecutive, failed delivery attempt;

• The customer can cancel an order

• In case the Client renounces within the legal term of withdrawal from the contract, an order made, for which the payment was made with a bank card and in which the bank issuing the Client's card transferred the amounts paid to the Bromius.ro account, this amount will be returned by Bromius.ro within a maximum of 30 calendar days from the date on which the latter became aware of this fact, in the IBAN account indicated in writing by the Client.

• If a product ordered by the Customer, making a payment by bank card in advance cannot be delivered by Bromius.ro, through its own fault or through the fault of a third party, Bromius.ro will inform the customer about this fact and will submits all the legal diligences for the recovery of the amount and the return to the Client's account, within 14 working days from the recovery of this amount, if the recovery is required.

• The customer does not have the right to modify the content of an order after it has been prepared or shipped.

• The delivery details of the products, including but not limited to the time necessary for delivery, do not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of Pagotto.ro, without any party being able to claim damages from the other party, in case any party may be or is prejudiced. in any way as a result of their violation.

• If a Customer modifies his personal data, using the forms available on the site, all ongoing orders existing at that time keep their data defined / accepted by the Customer after the change, taking into account for delivery and contact, the new data modified accordingly.

• The order represents the Bromius.ro purchase offer. Please note that the order registration e-mail (the first e-mail you receive after completing the order on the site) must not be considered the final acceptance of your order by Bromius.ro

The acceptance of your order is made when we notify you by e-mail that we have shipped the product / products and we have generated and sent the invoice in electronic format.

The availability of a Product will be displayed on Bromius.ro as follows:

• "in stock" - products that are physically in the Bromius.ro warehouse

• "limited stock" - less than 3 products in the Bromius.ro warehouse

• "product unavailable" - The product is not available in Bromius.ro stock

Telephone order

• the customer has the possibility to place telephone orders

Delivery of orders

• The delivery to the Client of the purchased products / services is made through a express courier company. The express courier company processes personal data of the Bromius.ro Client, exclusively for the provision of transport services for the products purchased by them on the company's website and only in compliance with this document, Bromius.ro Terms and Conditions. Also, the third partners of the express courier company, mandated to perform the transport services, which process personal data of Bromius.ro Customers, are required to comply exactly with the terms and conditions of the law on the security of personal data processing and of this document Bromius.ro Terms and Conditions. In this sense, the express courier company can contact Bromius.ro Clients by any means of communication (e-mail, telephone, SMS) within the limits and for the purpose provided in this article.

• Deliveries will be made, on average, in 1-2 working days from placing the order, when ALL ordered products are available "in stock. If the product will be delivered beyond the above deadline, Bromius.ro will inform the Customer by E-mail or Telephone within 7 days from the launch of the order, and the Customer can cancel the order, without having the right to request damages.

Bromius.ro delivers in any locality in Romania, but also internationally, in the countries that are part of the European Union.

Delivery estimates are based on intervals provided by partner courier companies, but BROMIUS cannot guarantee a delivery time or interval. BROMIUS will always try to notify the customer when there is a possibility of delayed delivery, either by a message in the website header, or by contact by phone or email.

The delivery of orders with national delivery is done through courier companies

Refusal to receive the package and return the products

• The Bromius.ro customer may refuse to receive the package containing the products purchased through a Contract, or, as the case may be, may return the products, in the following situations:

o The package shows severe damage;

o The products were delivered / invoiced incorrectly;

o The products have manufacturing defects;

o The products do not correspond to the description;

The customer has the right to notify Bromius.ro in writing that he renounces the purchase, in compliance with the term of 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product according to the provisions of Government Ordinance 34/2014 and provided that the package is not unsealed.

• The customer undertakes to notify Bromius.ro of his intention to return the purchased products, by any means of written communication (e-mail / fax / etc) within a maximum of 14 calendar days from receipt of the products and / or services.

• The customer who notified Bromius.ro has the responsibility to ensure that the products he referred to will be returned within a maximum of 14 calendar days, otherwise, Bromius.ro, considering the request unfounded / invalid may refuse the return.

• In case of refund of the value of the product, it will be made within 14 calendar days from the confirmation of the return, and the refund will be made only in the customer's bank account, regardless of the payment method from the placed order.

• In case of product replacement, the replacement will be made under the conditions and limits of a normal order.

• The value of additional services including, but not limited to the transport of products, paid by the customer, is not refundable.

• In all cases, the return / re-shipping costs will be borne by the customer except for the situations presented above, as well as in case of non-compliance, a situation in which Bromius.ro will bear the value of the transport.

• The products purchased as a package are accepted for return only in the initial form, ie all the products contained in the returned package must be intact, sealed.

Products for which no return is accepted are:

• Unsealed products.

• Damaged products

• Returned package without prior notice

If a package that has been sent by BROMIUS is not accepted by the recipient without a reason invoked and without prior notice by any means of contact: phone, email, chat support, etc. the following measures will be ordered:

• only the online card payment method for the next placed orders will remain active in the customer account associated with the returned order.


For any notification or complaint you can contact us by email at suport@bromius.ro.

Any conflict between SC URLOI DISTRIBUTION SRL and customers is tried to be resolved amicably by agreement between the two parties. SC URLOI DISTRIBUTION SRL undertakes to return to the customer the amounts collected for the returned products, within a maximum of 14 calendar days from the date of termination by you of the contract.

If amicable conciliation is not possible, the Romanian legal provisions in this field will be applied, and the settlement of conflicts is the competence of the Romanian courts.


Except in cases not expressly provided otherwise, none of the parts of a contract concluded, which is still in progress, shall be liable for the non-performance on time and / or properly, in whole or in part, of any of the obligations that it is incumbent on them under the contract, if the non-execution of the respective obligation was caused by an event of force majeure.

The party or the legal representative of the party invoking the above-mentioned event shall inform the other, immediately and completely, of its occurrence and take any measures available to it in order to limit the consequences of that event.

The party or legal representative of the party invoking the above-mentioned event is exempted from this obligation only if the event prevents it from carrying it out.

If within 15 days from the date of its occurrence, the respective event does not cease, each party will have the right to notify the other party of the full termination of this contract without any of them being able to claim damages from the other.

The party invoking the force majeure event must prove the impossibility of executing the obligations within 30 days from the date of the event but within the above limits.


By using / visiting / viewing / etc the sites and / or any content sent by Bromius.ro to the Member / Client by accessing and / or sending by any means (electronic, telephone, etc.), he agrees at least with the provisions "Terms and conditions".

Any dispute with reference to these Terms and Conditions that may arise between the Member / Client and Bromius.ro will be settled amicably, the parties submitting all necessary diligence in this regard.

Any dispute, of any kind, that may arise between the Member and Bromius.ro or its partners, will be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, the conflict will be resolved by the competent court at the Bromius.ro headquarters, in accordance with the Romanian laws in force.

If any of the above clauses is found to be void or invalid, regardless of the cause, this clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses.

This document has been drafted and will be interpreted in accordance with Romanian law.



SC URLOI DISTRIBUTION SRL has the obligation to deliver products that are in accordance with the sale-purchase contract, regardless of the form in which it is concluded, verbally or in writing.

All products sold by Bromius.ro benefit from warranty conditions in accordance with current legislation and commercial policies. The products are new and come from sources authorized by each manufacturer.



Bromius.ro reserves the right to make any changes to these provisions, as well as any changes to the site / its structure / service and any content with prior notice to the Member or Customer, who will agree to the changes. , in maximum 3 days. If the client / member does not express his / her agreement / disagreement on the changes, within the term of 3 days, it will be interpreted that he / she has tacitly expressed his / her agreement on all the changes made on the present terms and conditions.

Within the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, Bromius.ro cannot be held responsible for any errors on the site for any reason, including due to changes, settings, etc., which are not made by the site administrator.

Bromius.ro reserves the right to introduce advertising banners of any nature and / or links on any page of the site, in compliance with the legislation in force.