Guarantee of the products

The guarantee of the products sold by SC URLOI DISTRIBUTION SRL.

For all products sold and delivered by SC URLOI DISTRIBUTION SRL you benefit from warranty certificates according to the legislation in force and the commercial policies of the manufacturers.

The product warranty is resolved by a phone call / e-mail, details that are displayed on the contact page, followed by programming and inspection of the device by a specialist at your location, by repairing or replacing the defective product / component.

The warranty is resolved within a maximum of 15 days of receipt of the product in service.

The warranty conditions are in accordance with Law 449/2003 and O.G. 21/1992. When requesting the guarantee, it is necessary to present the defective product, accompanied by the fiscal invoice / fiscal receipt and the guarantee certificate.

Any repair or replacement of components will be done within a reasonable period of time, but may not exceed 15 calendar days. In this sense, the definition of consumer is the following "any natural person or group of natural persons constituted in associations, which, within the contracts covered by this law, acts for purposes outside its commercial, industrial or production activity, artisanal or liberal . "

The guarantee cannot be claimed for:

- Housed, cracked, chipped, consumable cases, accessories that are part of the device;

- Components / parts burned or cracked;

- Products used in inappropriate conditions (inadequate supply voltages, exposure to large variations in temperature and pressure, mechanical shocks, improper handling / use, use of products in conditions of humidity, dust, noxious substances or under the action of chemicals, etc.);

- Incorrect installations, ungrounded sockets, penetration of liquids, metals or other substances inside the appliances;

- Unauthorized intervention on products;

- Connecting or disconnecting certain accessories during operation of the appliance.

In case of unjustified request for the guarantee, we reserve the right to ask the beneficiary for the value of the investigation of the claimed product as defective (8 EUR without VAT / hour, at the B.N.R. rate on the day of the investigation).

Batteries / accumulators are considered perishable goods, consumables that lose their properties from the moment of manufacture. Thus, the warranty of these products is 6 months. According to Art.16 of Law no.449 / 2003 which regulates the sale of products and their associated guarantees, the seller's liability is incurred if the lack of conformity occurs within 2 years, calculated from the delivery of the product. The guarantee, according to the same normative act mentioned, Art.19, is legally binding for the bidder, under the conditions specified in the declarations regarding the guarantee and in the related publicity.

The seller, SC URLOI DISTRIBUTION SRL, warrants against any non-compliance for 2 years.